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Swift Insights API provides deep insights into audience and content across social media, unleashing unprecedented value for businesses

App development

Build apps without limits

Using Swift Insights API, you can build applications based on best practices and engagement and launch them to a ready made audience. Access a vast array of data, that has been aggregated on our platforms. Build something unique or extract data that is specific to your audience. It’s all possible now.

Launch with us

Do you have an app that could benefit from integrating with our swift social platform? Join others who are testing their social applications with our pre-existing audience across multiple social networks.

Access historical engagement data

Add functionality to your existing offerings by tapping into our historical engagement data to allow you to build rich data driven content and user experiences.

Audience and engagement data

Tap into pre-built audiences at the right time

Audience insights

Learn more about audiences than ever before. Swift's audience data gives you programmatic access to aggregate user information. Define your own audiences, and gain valuable insights about these audiences on social media.

Engagement from best practices

Swift Insights engagement data gives you access to impression and engagement data for owned organic posts, providing valuable insights to help optimise the full potential of your content strategy on social media. We employ best practices throughout our products, so you can ensure the quality of data is unmatched.

What our partners say

"Swift's API has allowed us to build modules to our platform that simply weren't possible before. By using their data insights, it adds yet another value proposition to our arsenal"

Francis Gane (CEO at Demobox)

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