Become a partner

Our partnerships are based on forging strong relationships with brands, ensuring that our success is your success

Integrate Swift Social and empower your users.

We work closely with our partners for a seamless onboarding process, allowing us to integrate Swift Social into any existing platform, in no time.

Simple launch

We love working with our partners to get them setup with Swift. Our fastest integration was clocked in under 48 hours. We’d love to try and beat that. The point being, is that it’s really fast! We only need a few details from you and we can get Swift integrated into your business without a hitch.

Works for everyone

It doesn’t matter which stage of your business you’re at, if you already have an engaged audience that you’d like to monetise, then Swift is a great fit for you and your users. Swift is entirely agnostic and delivers powerful results in any niche.

Advanced niching

Customise Swift to suit any brand and industry

Super flexible

The Swift Social platform has been built with flexibility in mind and is completely customisable for integration into any existing platform and industry. Our platform is already integrated into over 40 platforms, serving over 1,000,000 users across 3 industries.

Always powerful

Regardless of the market, Swift performs exceptionally to deliver high engagement and growth within any vertical.

Partnership benefits

Provide your very own cloud-hosted social media management platform with your brand, your domain and your users.

Seamless integration

There is no need for your users to create a separate account with Swift Social. They simply login with the same credentials they use for your site. Making it an effortless and and frictionless experience from your platform to ours.

Increase revenue

We offer healthy revenue shares with our partners so you can generate a passive, recurring revenue stream through monthly or annual payments from your users.

Evolving platform

We work continuously on the core Swift Social platform and release regular updates to our all of our partner versions. Ensuring that we regularly add value to the platform for your users.


We recognise that your success falls directly in line with ours, so our infrastructure supports and scales with your business model to ensure that we grow when you do.

Create customer loyalty

By offering an affordable up-sell to your users, you can create customer loyalty and increase retention, by embedding your customer further into your product offering.

Offer a USP

Get ahead of the competition by offering an unparalleled marketing and promotion tool in less than just 48 hours.

Branding exposure

Take advantage of numerous opportunities to leverage your audience in marketing your brand on social media. Whether it’s promoting your content or driving traffic to your site, Swift delivers huge brand awareness opportunities.

Flexible domain options

Use your domain or branded sub-domain of ours and host in our Google Data Centre

Ready-made payment and customer support systems

We’ve partnered with Stripe and Intercom so that you quickly and easily take payments from users as well as provide first-class customer service.


Become a partner

Utilise the power of the Swift Social platform and integrate our technology into your existing platform. It’s quick and easy.