Mission Statement

We strive to make great social media software for anybody, regardless of technical ability

Core Values

What we stand for

Use best practices

In everything we produce, we guide our users to follow social media best practices and etiquette that complies with social networks. Allowing us to build on our relationships with social platforms and improve our product offering to our partners.

Develop native experiences

We strive for simplicity in interacting natively with the breadth of platforms that we support. Delivering native experiences in our products ensures the optimal user experience for our users and their followers, resulting in much higher engagement.

Deliver high engagement

We know the importance of meeting business objectives and getting results from social media. So we use data insights and a wealth of experience in guiding users to achieving excellent levels of engagement that help our user’s bottom line.

Who are we?

Meet our founders


Arni Lochner – CEO


Craig Curchin – COO

We start as a new, young digital marketing agency called Wonderlabs

1st August 2012

Working from the Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex, Wonderlabs create a software prototype for Twitter management tool called Tweet Rocket

1st November 2014

Tweet Rocket gets crowdfunded on Indiegogo, raising $24,000 from a $15,000 goal

1st May 2015

Tweet Rocket becomes Swift Social with work underway to support more social networks

1st January 2016

Wonderlabs becomes SoTech and partners with Colab Ventures, Virgin Start Up and the UK Business Growth fund to push the next iteration of the platform

1st April 2016

SoTech announces multiple partnerships with partners and distributors to integrate the Swift white label technology into platforms

15th November 2016

We are alive! We’re delighted to announce the first platforms are delivered in Beta to our partners with some exciting innovations scheduled on our road map

1st February 2017

Careers at Swift Social

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