Social Media Made Simple.

Saving Business Owners Time & Money with Every
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Swift is really smart when it comes to social media and guides you with…

What to post

Select content from all over the web, including your own

How to post

Effortlessly optimise your posts to suit the social network you’re posting to.

When and where to post

Post at the right times and to the right networks for the highest engagement.

Discover & Share

Find the content that matters to you

No one likes to spend hours trawling through blogs and search result pages to find the latest news about your favourite topics, that’s why we built Swift to do it for you. Beautifully delivering you all of your favourite content, ready to share.


Share content from apps you already use

No matter what you’re selling, connect the app where you sell your stuff, and Swift pulls in all of your products, ready to post to social media.


Tailor your message for your audiences.

Different social networks cater for different people, so why wouldn’t you tailor your message to suit each? By doing so Swift helps you boost your engagement levels with ease.


Drag and drop scheduling

Swift’s scheduler makes it impossible to do scheduling wrong. All of your content is pulled into one place and optimising is effortless. The schedule guides put you on rails to keep you posting like a pro and getting high engagement.


Find your audience, wherever they are

Find and engage with users who are interested in what you do, wherever they are. Start a conversation, or show love for their posts,
every relationship starts somewhere.


Track and measure your success

Get simple breakdowns of what Swift is doing for you. Nothing complicated, so you can always make sense of how you’re performing on social media.


Place Ads in your links to drive sales

Add a call-to-action banner to every link that you share to your followers to send them to your website. Create a message to promote your products, capture emails or grow your following.

Become a partner

Utilise the power of the Swift Social platform and integrate our technology into your existing platform. It’s quick and easy.